Our Mission

We’re a small crew of programmers and designers unveiling the big secrets in big data. Our mission is to make the world’s information accessible and digestible for the benefit of all.

We believe that every dataset is unique and that the perfect solution for one spreadsheet might not cut it for another. That’s why we take the time to get to know your data before we propose a solution. Every web platform we design is custom-made for the content behind it, because that’s the way the internet should be: dynamic, clear, and informative. On a good day a website can change perspectives, on a great day a website can change lives.

Our Process


First, we mine for data, gathering all the necessary bits and bytes.


Once we have a better understanding of the data, we analyze it for patterns, idiosyncrasies, or anything else that may be hiding within. We slice, dice, and merge the data, all with the overarching goals of speed and ease of use.


Using this newfound knowledge, we create novel calculations and metrics that pair perfectly with the data on hand. Once everything is accounted for, we ask "what’s the best way to present this information?"


With the pieces together, we create a custom visualization engine, giving users the ability to explore the data quickly and painlessly.

Big data as it should be: accessible, illuminative, empowering, human.

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