The People Behind the Code

Here at Datawheel, we see our small size as one of our greatest strengths. Our hand-picked team of data experts, developers, and designers embody all of the skills necessary to deliver breath-taking solutions for your data needs — just the right balance of technical prowess and design savvy.

César is a Chilean-Spanish physicist, author, and entrepreneur. He holds an ANITI Chair at the University of Toulouse, a Honorary Professorship at the University of Manchester, and a Visiting Professor position at Harvard's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. From 2010 to 2019, Hidalgo lead MIT’s Collective Learning group.

César holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Notre Dame and a Bachelor in Physics from Universidad Católica de Chile.

César Hidalgo


Alex comes to Datawheel from the MIT Media Lab, where he focused on data decision-making tools and using visual techniques to understand data, in addition to creating the OEC as his master’s thesis.

Besides data and design, Alex spends his free time engaging in every type of art. He even plays guitar in a band called The Hard Clean.

Alex Simoes


Dave holds a dual-degree in graphic design and multimedia studies from Northeastern University and has past experience in print design, video game production and as art director of a Boston-based music magazine.

When not hooked into his computers Dave likes to kick back with a cheesy comic book movie and go for long walks on the beach with his four-legged friend, Lucy.

Dave Landry


Jonathan is a graduate of the MIT Media Lab by way of Goldman Sachs, where he worked as a software developer to improve the firm’s virtualization and cloud computing infrastructure.

Jonathan previously volunteered with the City of Cambridge Broadband Taskforce. On a good day, he may be spotted cheering at Fenway as the Red Sox lose to the Yankees.

Jonathan Speiser

Chief Software Architect

Jimmy is a Northeastern University Computer Science graduate with over 10 years of experience in Game Design, Web Programming, and Distributed Databases.

When not coding, Jimmy enjoys playing music, cycling, storytelling, board games, and inside jokes.

Jimmy Mullen

Lead Front-end Engineer

Gabriela graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso, where she focused on visual design, information design, and user experience. Previously, she worked in the Office of Photographic Archive of her university and then as a designer in a small web design agency called Matsya in Chile.

In her spare time, she is a lover of tea, cats, biking, walks and the art of illustration with watercolors.

Gabriela Pérez

Visual Designer

Pala has a degree in System Analysis focused in frontend development and interactive data visualization. An open data activist, he has built solutions and interactive pieces based on data driven journalism. He previously worked as a software developer and consultant in the modernization units for both the Argentinian and Chilean governments.

Music, soccer, bike and banana lover.

Pablo H. Paladino

Data Visualization Alchemist

Originally from Colombia, Natalia is a graduate from The Fletcher School, Tufts University with a Master in International Business. She worked for over 5 years in social innovation, collaborating with governments, nonprofits, startups, national and multinational corporations in Latin America.

When she’s not reading about up and coming technology, you can find her sailing, hiking, or paddle boarding.

Natalia Prieto

Business Development

James grew up in Tampa, FL, where he obtained a relatively unimpressive BA in Advertising at USF. He later moved to Boston, MA in his search for things like seasons and culture. After designing and building marketing websites at a tiny advertising agency for a few years, he's now excited to solve the problem of making complex data digestible and understandable.

James also likes to spend an excessive amount of time writing progressive rock music and playing video games.

James Ferrell

Product Designer

Carlos is an industrial engineer that loves web programming. Since attending University of Concepción, he has tried to make technology more accessible to the people.

When not coding, Carlos attempts to be a pastry cook. He is a real fan of milk caramel spread.

Carlos Navarrete

Front-End Developer

Although Francisco attained a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Concepción, he enjoys experimenting with web and server technologies. He's worked on a diverse array of public service projects, including data visualization.

He also enjoys murder mystery games, chats with friends, and disassembling things.

Francisco Abarzúa

Full Stack Engineer

Sebastian studied industrial engineering and holds an MBA from Monash University in Australia. He has +10 years of experience in project management, business development and technology transfer. Previously he has worked with technology startups and universities to commercialize science and technology based projects.

Sebastián is passionate about soccer and Chilean wine.

Sebastián Melín

Business Development Chile

Cata is a social anthropologist with a master’s degree in Urban Development. She has multiple interests and has worked in diverse roles from assessing tech startups to teaching in a men’s prison. Over the past five years, she has been a project manager and evaluation practitioner, focusing on impact assessment of R&D and innovation public policy in Chile.

When not at Datawheel, you might find her planning her next trip or gathering stuff for her travel scrapbooks.

Catalina Gobantes

Project Development

Social entrepreneur, planner, and explorer of uncharted territories, Andrea’s passion is to bring different sectors together to design creative solutions for new and persistent social problems. She joins Datawheel to help prepare governments, companies and communities for an automated future. Committed to lifelong learning, Andrea returned to school in 2015 for a Master in Design Studies in Risk and Resilience at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Andrea Margit

Business Development

Márcio moved from the sandy beaches of Brazil to the excruciating Minnesota cold, where he graduated from Macalester College with a Computer Science degree and a minor in Data Science. He is an experienced full stack engineer who loves all things data.

Outside of work, you will catch him working on fancy deep learning models or playing/watching every imaginable sport.

Márcio Porto

Back-End Developer

Victor has a diverse employment background; he has worked at a sheet metal shop, as a plumber, and for a decade at Apple. In school he studied psychology & philosophy. He now handles logistics at Datawheel so the team can focus on their craft.

When OOO you can find him playing video games, watching movies (preferably 35mm), at a table playing D&D, or watching Twitch Streams, typically while snugging his cat, Nebula.

Victor Bebo

Operations Manager

Mauricio is a civil industrial engineer from Universidad de Concepción, who developed models to solve an original routing problem inspired by Pokémon Go in his undergraduate dissertation. He's passionate about programming, optimization, maths and wants to become a data scientist.

In his free time, you could find him belting showtunes, writing songs, reading philosophy books and coming up with new foolproof diets after binging on burgers and fries each weekend.

Mauricio Barbieri Figueroa

Back-End Developer

Danae graduated from the University of Chile. She loves cross-disciplinary collaborative work, which has led her to participate in multiple experimental projects related to film, music, art, architecture and activism. Currently, her main focus is UI/UX design.

In her free time she enjoys film photography, reading, drawing, and biking. She is also a lover of dogs and electronic music.

Danae Catalán

Graphic Designer

Eduardo is an Industrial Engineer from Universidad de Concepción, but his programming background was only recently acquired. He had his first taste of working with code when he entered — and won — a challenge to visualize healthcare efficiency, via Hospital Las Higueras.

When not working, he spends his free time reading novels, racing and throwing turtle shells, smashing Nintendo characters off stages, and GOing outside to catch Pokémon.

Eduardo Vásquez

Full Stack Engineer

Samuel is an industrial engineer from UCSC in Chile who enjoys working with data in Python.

In his free time, he plays basketball and video games — especially games like Detroid: Become Human and Nier: Automata — which are suspenseful and philosophical.

Samuel Osorio

Full Stack Engineer

Jay is a programing enthusiast currently studying at Northeastern University. Outside of work and school, you'll find him catching up on movies, tv, and sleep.

Jay Majithia

Developer Intern

Walker is a Northeastern University Computer Science undergrad interested in data science and cybersecurity.

He can usually be found either coding or mixing, mastering, and playing music.

Walker Lambrecht

Developer Intern

Lucy is a graduate of Petco's 2012 obedience training program, with a focus on chasing squirrels and barking at postal service workers.

In her spare time she enjoys sleeping, because everybody knows Lucy is just a little lazybones. She also has a debilitating fear of water.


Chief Barking Officer


Walther Chen

Lead Back-end Engineer

Santiago Soulayrac


Rashmi Baheti

Junior Front-End Developer

Valerie Hande Tuzel

Data Scientist

Nick Bond

Front-End Developer Intern

Sabrina Kantor

Front-End Developer Intern

Pachá 帕夏

Noble Data Analyst

Manuel Aristarán

Data Craftsman

Alice Zhou

Curriculum Design Intern

Chloe Blazey

Curriculum Design Intern

Eli Munn

Developer Intern

Gena Hong

UX Designer

Matt Rosadini


Melissa Teng


Daniel Smilkov

Algorithm Guru