As Datawheel began to take shape, it became clear that the existing tools for data visualization weren’t going to be enough. D3plus to the rescue. The open-source brainchild of Datawheel co-founders Alexander Simoes and Dave Landry, D3plus acts as an extension to the wildly popular D3 library. With D3plus, beautiful data visualizations are possible in only a few lines of code.

Think of D3plus as the shortcut to great visualizations. After only setting a few parameters specific to your data, D3plus will handle all the generic stuff that is normally taken for granted, such as setting up mouse events, color assignment, and label placement.

D3plus is completely open-source and community driven. There are dozens of examples on the project page, and a large user-base leading discussions and tracking bugs and feature requests.

Additionally, D3plus tackles some of the biggest problems facing SVG web graphics, such as smart text wrapping and inner bounds detection on polygons. It does the hard work for you.

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