The Office of Strategic Priorities for the government of Minas Gerais in Brazil approached Datawheel with one goal: to better understand their state's economy. The result was DataViva, a ground-breaking, publicly-accessible web platform representing economic information from all of Brazil. Through the website's over 100 million interactive visualizations, users can explore any aspect of Brazil's formal sector, from wages to exports to education.

Through more than 100 million interactive visualizations, users can learn valuable insights and knowledge regarding the entire formal sector of Brazil.

The platform visualizes over 500 gigabytes of Brazilian data and helps to answer basic questions such as "which occupations are growing most quickly in my town?" and "what are students studying at UFMG?"

DataViva boasts a combination of descriptive and prescriptive applications and seeks to provide useful socio-economic information to anybody interest in the Brazilian economy.

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